8 thoughts to “3 January 2020 – Fortnite Item Shop”

    1. Don’t think they are gone for good, but it’s really hard to say WHEN they are being brought back. We saw earlier this month, they brought back the John Wick skins so they do bring back ‘movie skins’

  1. Well, yeah, but considering it’s Disney that has control of the star wars stuff it might be a long while before we see them again. I was hoping the shop’d reappear by monday or tuesday, since it went away once before and popped up a few days later.

    1. Yeah agree Disney usually keep tight control of things. It was interesting how the star wars skins reappeared again after being gone for a couple of days. Hopefully this wlil happen again and the skins will be back soon 🙏 Keep checking the in-game store or our site of course to not miss it when it comes back 💪

  2. Quick question Will they take back the Batman skins because you know the Batman event happend in the Batman day around may and dc and fortnite teamed up.

    1. Yes it will probably be brought back! It can take a while though since these “special” skins don’t return often. Just try to keep your eye out and check the store / site often 👍

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