Fortnite Patch 11.01 Skins and Cosmetics


Teef epic fortnite skin Big Mouth Epic fortnite skin Chaos Agent epic fortnite skin Delirium epic fortnite skin Dark Rex rare fortnite skin Dark Tricera Ops rare fortnite skin Jawbreaker rare fortnite skin Cryptic Curse Bundle Burial Threat rare fortnite skin Sinister Striker rare fortnite skin Midfield monstrosity rare fortnite skin Soulless Sweeper rare fortnite skin Crypt Crosser rare fortnite skin Decaying Dribbler rare fortnite skin Putrid Playmaker rare fortnite skin Fatal Finisher rare fortnite skin

New Variants

raptor legendary skin fortnite Skull trooper epic fortnite skin ghoul trooper epic skin fortnite Uncommon brainiac fortnite skin


Dark Dino Bones rare fortnite pickaxe Stickers rare fortnite pickaxe Cursed claw rare fortnite pickaxe Globber rare fortnite pickaxe Chaos Scythe rare fortnite pickaxe Spellbound staff rare fortnite pickaxe Gnashers rare fortnite pickaxe Skull Sickle Epic fortnite pickaxe


Goo Glider rare fortnite glider


Ballsy rare fortnite emote Zombified rare fortnite emote


Fright Flame rare fortnite wrap Widows Widow's Web rare fortnite wrap Toothsome rare fortnite wrap Jack-O-Pattern uncommon fortnite wrap Noshy uncommon fortnite wrap


Back-O-Lantern Back O Lantern epic fortnite backpack Grinning Ghoul rare fortnite backpack

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