Fortnite Patch 11.20 Skins and Cosmetics


Sorana legendary fortnite skin Terns epic fortnite skin Big Chuggus epic fortnite skin Sklaxis epic fortnite skin Globe Shaker epic fortnite skins Kurohomura epic fortnite skin Dominion epic fortnite skin Triggerfish rare fortnite skin Brilliant Bomber rare fortnite skin The Autumn Queen rare fortnite skin Hush rare fortnite skin Depth Dealer rare fortnite skin Stingray rare fortnite skin Bundles rare fortnite skin Razor uncommon fortnite skin

New Bundles

Harbinger Bundle legendary fortnite bundle Burning Beast legendary fortnite glider


Burning Beast Legendary Fortnite Glider


Double Tap epic fortnite pickaxe Polar Poleaxe rare fortnite pickaxe Bone Fangs rare fortnite pickaxe Burning Blades rare fortnite pickaxe Dark Basher rare fortnite pickaxe Smashrooms rare fortnite pickaxe Silent Strike uncommon fortnite pickaxe Sea Scorpion uncommon fortnite pickaxe Bullet Slash uncommon fortnite pickaxe


Glyphic rare fortnite emote Feelin' Jaunty Feeling rare fortnite emote Have a seat uncommon fortnite emote


Bubbleflage rare fortnite wrap Burning Glyph rare fortnite wrap Falling Leaf rare fortnite wrap Silver Flame rare fortnite wrap Slurp uncommon fortnite wrap Weathered black uncommon fortnite wrap Neon Venom uncommon fortnite wrap


Battle Breakers rare fortnite music pack Dungeons rare fortnite music pack

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