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      1. This is a really good website, and i check the store everyday @7:00 pm instead of taking the time to log in to fortinite. And is your username fnitemshop or something else?

  1. i always come to this site and check out the item shop everyda at 7:00pm but fnitemshop can you friend me if thats ok or do you not accept friend requests thank you though anyways by 🙂

      1. ight bet fnitemshop my name is FIREWASP200711 pls dont judge me its old but yea thats my name but my real name is colby and i live in houston texas

    1. my username is VastBeatle24700 please friend me at 3.00 i have online classes and live in Australia .

  2. i love your’re website , i used untill my mum used qustodio and banned it , now i use you’re website and love it i am 9 nine years old .

      1. This item shop is trash but thank u for the leaks i just put a little meme on the top thank you for the leaks! When those Dread skins come out im getting em!

        1. Hello are you the owner of this? Well if you are we are here to tell you we love fortnite and we will advertise your site to millions of people. The right site is always google! I work at google and you are amazing do not tweet this post or share it but you can say that google messaged you but now what we said i do not want to get fired or anything. … Bye creator of the Fortnite Item Shop! You are the best for leaking all these stuff! We are also working with Fortnite (Not an epic partner though) so i have leaks for the season 4 chapter 2… here it is: “Fortnite will be swallowed by Galactic until it is no more we are also going to bring back the old island from this if we get more dislikes on the game. If not the avengers will win but they will go back to Asgard to fight “The black winter” a powerful force after he leaves. Iron man (tony stark will be making a circle of beacons like in season x but to create a force field around his base to get more time on creating something powerful to stop Galactic once you help him get his parts in the live event they will win and you will be rewarded the Galactic skin including an edit style which is the “Low energy” Edit style like Galactic is currently there is a blend of black and red” That is all i can tell you thank you i will also give you a free Logitech computer (The newest with the glowing lights circle on the back of it for free thank you for listening @FNiteItemShop!

          1. sorry i disagree the reason i went on this website was because of qustodio .