Patch 5.30 Cosmetics


Enforcer legendary roadtrip skin fortnite Ravage legendary fortnite skin Musha legendary fortnite skin Hime legendary fortnite skin Far out man epic fortnite skin Dreamflower epic fortnite skin The ace epic fortnite skin CLoaked Star epic fortnite skin Backbone rare fortnite skin Chopper rare fortnite skin Armadillo uncommon fortnite skin Scorpion uncommon fortnite skin


Controller epic fortnite pickaxe Cat's Claw rare fortnite pickaxe Iron beak rare fortnite pickaxe Throttle rare fortnite pickaxe Drumbeat uncommon fortnite pickaxe


Job well done uncommon fortnite emote Capoeira rare fortnite emote Fancy feet rare fortnite emote Praise the tomato rare fortnite emote Shake it up epic fornite emote Dance therapy epic fortnite emote


Purrfect uncommon fortnite glider Blaze uncommon glider fortnite Tie-dye flyer rare fortnite glider Flappy fortnite glider rare

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