Patch 6.02 Cosmetics


Scourge epic fortnite skin Plague epic fortnite skin Jack gourdon epic fortnite skin Hollowhead epic fortnite skin Skull trooper epic fortnite skin Skull Ranger rare fortnite skin Bullseye uncommon fortnite skin


Carver rare fortnite pickaxe Herald's Heralds Wand rare fortnite pickaxe Skull Sickle epic fortnite pickaxe


Electro Swing rare fortnite emote Headbanger rare fortnite skin Sprinkler rare fortnite emote Behold! uncommon fortnite emote


Lamplight rare fortnite glider Crypt Cruiser epic fortnite glider

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    1. New skins usually come out Thursday and Saturday, good chance some come out this week / tomorrow 🙂

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