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  1. Ummm is the star wars shop coming back?? Kylo a zori were only in the shop once and I couldn’t buy them at the time.

    1. Hmm don’t think it will be coming back today since the whole star wars shop went out

  2. Does anyone know if the Zorii Bliss skin will be returning to the item shop? I finally saved up enough V-Bucks for it, but don’t know if it will be back.

    1. It may leave the shop tonight so try to get it within the next 3 hours if that’s possible. It’s up to epic / Disney how long it will be in the store.

    1. Probably yeah since the film just came out, but hard to say with 100% certainty 👍

  3. when will Kylo Ren skin leave the shop, I need to know if I can farm v bucks to get it

    1. We don’t know but at least it will stay here for the current reset. Would try to get the needed vBucks ASAP to be safe