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Patch Notes v 5.41 | Build up!


Larger and faster constructions with the new consumable item in the Battle Royale and playground game mode. A new week of the Horde challenge comes to save the world!

Thorny Stadium (Battle Royale and playground)
Invent new ways to play with the thorny stadium. Just launch it and an arena will appear, ready for the Mini your Squadron invent. We love to see your creativity in action, so share your way of playing using #FortnitePlayground.

0917_SpikeArena. PNG

Portable Fortress (Battle Royale)
This new consumable item creates a huge fortress to repel and defend against enemies!

Week 7 of the Horde Challenge (save the World)
Many carcasses have gathered for the challenge of this week’s horde and this crowd cannot be controlled!

StW05_Social_HordeChallenge_Week7-(1). jpg

Canhoneta — Flint Launcher (Save the World)
Eliminate enemies with the newest weapon of the Flint set. Spare no one!

StW05_Social_Bowler. jpg

Known Issues

Want to follow the main problems of the community? Access here our picture at Trello: Fortnite | Community problems.

Battle Royale

Mode for limited time: Gliders (Solo)

Classic Battle Royale with wings-deltas that can be reinstalled by pressing jump when falling from great heights.


We have implemented a new consumable item to MTL: Playground that will allow you to generate a full thorn stadium. We are inspired by the incredible things that you have created on the playground and we can hardly wait to see what else you will create as we continue to build the future of creative mode in Fortnite.

  • Item for limited time: Thorny Stadium
    • Present only in the playground, found in deliveries of red supplies (plus a ton of impulse grenades).
    • Builds a square 7×11 stadium full of damage and bouncing traps.

Weapons and items

  • Portable Fortress
    • It’s huge!
    • Builds instantly.
    • Includes bouncing for an easy exit.
    • Legendary rarity.
    • Found in vending machines, trunks, supply supplies, and supply llamas.
  • The storm wall does not destroy more structures during the last circles of the match.

Error fixes

  • We corrected a problem in which there was a slight delay in consuming multiple small shield potions.
  • Desempuxadora will no longer result in an inability to exchange equipment.


  • We have reduced the times of holding the edit button.
    • Old guard from 0.25 s to 0.2 s.
    • 0.25 S fast builder for 0.2 s.
    • Combat Professional from 0.25 s to 0.2 s.
    • Construction professional from 0.25 s to 0.15 s.


  • Processor Optimizations for Xbox One (optimized memory copy operations). We hope this will improve performance.
  • We optimized the layout of files on Xbox One to improve performance during broadcasts. This should reduce the cases where the constructs are delayed rendering.


Error fixes

  • The recharge audio of the double-barrel shotgun is no longer reproduced twice.


  • Epic IDs of players with names with characters that we do not support in the game will now be displayed instead of appearing the debug source symbols previously used. Loading the backup source was causing long-term couplings for the customers, so we disabled it.

Error fixes

  • We corrected the reticle that was sometimes not appearing during heating.
  • We have added new generic icons to represent the console and desktop platforms in matches between different platforms.

Art and animation

  • We added a glow to the edges of the quique platforms on walls, visible only by the verse. This will help players recognize when there is a bounce platform on the wall on the back of the terrain in front of it.

Error fixes

  • Visual effects of the cube will no longer be locked after a player has left the arena.
  • The Sergeant Grill costume will now be rendered correctly in the game.
    • This fixes the problem in which players were seeing a floating head and pick.

Save the World

Missions and systems

  • Weekly Horde Challenge 7
    • This week, install your fort against hordes of enemies immune to the effects of collective control! Stun, repulsion and deceleration won’t help you this time!
    • Earn 1,500 of Gold when you finish for the first time.
    • This challenge is repeatable to win event vouchers.

Error fixes

  • We corrected a problem that prevented players from completing secondary defense missions from the Storm Shield.


Error fixes

  • The attentive eye skill now highlights nearby withdrawals as intended.

Weapons and items

  • We added the Canhoneta — Flint Launcher to the weekly store.
    • Fire cannon shells that cause damage and repel enemy groups. Cannonballs can bounce before they explode, causing damage to enemies close to each quique.
    • Available Wednesday, September 19, at 9:00 p.m. (Brasilia time) until Wednesday, September 26th, at 9:00 p.m. (Brasilia time).

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